WHCC proudly works with over 800 plus Cultural Groups across the United States—a true definition of our conviction for paving common ground where any culture in the world can assemble, and acceptance and ceremonialize their way
of life through the arts!

In addition to holding events throughout the calendar year, we also travel with the Travel & Adventure shows across 12 to 15 states.
We embark on this adventure with countless enthusiasts who are eager to discover how heterogeneous our world truly is.


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“Time and again we are forced to believe that the world we live in is divided. WHCC’s mission as an organization is to not see that as the whole truth. In fact their vision is to bring to the surface and celebrate THE diversity, THE culture and THE artist behind the arts and remind us that we all share a common bond, a uniting force that we experience as humans beings FIRST and it’s called Love.”

—Ayesha Khanna, International Dance Choreographer,
Founder of Naurah USA (Fashion)

World Heritage Cultural Center

WHCC is a place where the past is preserved and commemorated in the present, to lay the foundation for an inclusive future to be built upon.