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Singer Alyssa Raghu to Perform at Summit for Indian Prime Minister Modi

Former American Idol Talent to Sing for Sold-Out Crowd in Texas

Singer/songwriter Alyssa Raghu will perform for a crowd of 50,000 at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, at the Howdy Modi community summit on September 22nd. Hosted by the 501 (c)(3) nonprofit Texas India Forum, the summit sold out quickly and promises to be the largest gathering in the United States for a foreign leader other than the Pope. Over 400,000,000 viewers are also expected to watch the event live on TV.

Raghu, originally from Orlando, Fla., is of Guyanese/Indian and Mexican heritage and became known for her talents on the 16th season of American Idol. Often compared to Ariana Grande, Adele, and Christina Aguilera, Raghu plays the guitar and writes her own music. Philanthropy is also close to her heart, especially the World Heritage Cultural Center (WHCC), which promotes cultural awareness through the arts and food, knowledge, and charity. Raghu was appointed as chair of the Global Citizen Committee for WHCC in 2018 and has represented the organization since. She is also the first youth to be selected for the International Cultural Exchange Program by WHCC and foreign embassies.

President Donald Trump, as well as other political figures, is expected to attend this historic visit from Indian Prime Minister Modi. It is being hailed for strengthening trade ties with India, as well as emphasizing the culture of the Indian people, both domestic and abroad. Houston and the surrounding region has one of the largest Indian populations in the United States. “I am honored to represent Indian-Americans and bring my music to the stage for such a renowned cultural event,” Raghu said.

Raghu’s design sponsor, Naurah USA, is an Indo-Western ready-to-wear and bridal couture custom fashion line by Ayesha Khanna. Her hand-embroidered designs are inspired by both Indian and New York City fashion, culminating in unique, bold designs for women who love to look good both at work and after. Naurah launched in Milan, Italy, and will soon expand to London, U.K. (

WHCC has invited Raghu to perform in the past for fundraisers and is proud to sponsor her for this event. “Alyssa is such a talent, and we are thrilled that the chair of our Global Citizen Committee is performing at such a prestigious event,” Sattie Persaud, director and founder of WHCC, said. Based in New York, WHCC makes culture accessible through performances nationwide that feature artists in performing, visual, and culinary arts from cultures around the world. Persaud believes that the arts are a powerful force that can be used to change society in a way where people contribute to what matters most: Humanity. Introducing people to cultures other than their own helps them gain a global perspective and better understanding of those different from themselves. Exposing people to their own cultures helps them understand their roots better in a nation where, often, they do not have contact with others culturally like them. (

To learn more about Alyssa Raghu, visit Or follow her on Twitter (@alyssaraghu) or Instagram (@alyssaraghu). To learn more about Howdy Modi, visit

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