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October 2009-10 and 11 at the Jacob Javitz Center inNYC

“Adventures in Travel Expos are the largest series of active and adventure travel shows in the U.S. At every show, you’ll find authentic travel experiences and meet hundreds of destinations and tour operators. Plus, take advantage of amazing show-only specials, see cultural performances, try adventure activities, and hear top travel experts and National Geographic Adventure explorers.”

On October 10th and 11th, 2009 World Heritage Cultural Center put on “one of the best shows Adventures Travel Expo had since it started seven years ago” as the Adventures Travel Expo team complimented.

WHCC’s goal is to bring the colors of the world on one stage and that was a great accomplishment once again on the Global Beats Stage in the Adventures Travel Expo at the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC.

The cultural program was such a good success, WHCC accepted to travel with the Adventure Travel Expo in 2010 to Chicago (Jan 9/10), LA (Feb 13/14), DC (March 6/7th) and Seattle in Nov(dates tbd).

We had great performances ranging from clog dancing to African drum beats to modern dancing….and the list goes on.

Our performers at the Jacob Javitz Center are listed below:

Ryan M Holder

MC and choreographer (credits goes to Ryan in helping WHCC recruiting talent such as Freedim, ALAS DANCE GROUP & Ancestral Horizons)

Bollywood Dancing
by Naach Sensation Bollywood Dance company

Is a dance Company that creates original dances reflective to the bollywood cultural landscape. With it’s energetic percussion, Naach Sensation delivers all range of performances that Bollywood has to offer. NAACH SENSATION Dance Company incorporates the technical elements of various world dances.(Indian, modern, classical..etc) for further inspiration in our choreography. We then from classical to contemporary, from bhangra to bollywood, you will find it all at this Dance company. Company is dedicated to bring a full-fledged Bollywood performance combined with colorful costumes, gracious expression and traditional props to showcase the rich and vibrant culture of bollywood that’s taking the world by storm. Along with well recognition and prestige that company has earned over the years, which rewarded us great jobs and have been professionally involved with numerous dance productions for stage and film, as well as collaborations with various celebrity artists. Known for our colorful, high energy performances, we at this dance company want to provide a creative channel within the performing arts for students and experienced performers. Let us spins you into another dimension. We thrive on excellence –

African Drum Beats
by Infinite Roots

Infinite Roots is a business which focuses on performing arts, cultural music and art and technology. Infinite Roots programs vary in size and focuses based upon the intended clients need. Henry Jones, the founder and Lead Instructor for Infinite Roots is a gifted artist, writer and musician. Mr. Jones has over 25 years experience in the field of music, with a strong focus on cultural arts. Mr. Jones’ artwork has been on display at numerous art venues throughout the east coast. Mr. Jones is a master drummer in regard to African Drum and Dance instruction, with numerous performances throughout the east coast area. He is also under the direction and instruction of his God-Father Baba David Coleman. Baba David Coleman, a Yoruba Priest, is a world class master drummer and is also the God son of the late great Chief Bey. Currently, Infinite Roots provides instruction to over 300 area students within the Fairfield County and Westchester county areas. Workshop programs have taken place in Albany, New York, Baltimore, Maryland, Up-state Connecticut and Atlanta Georgia. Infinite Roots is also very active within local youth based organizations and public and private schools throughout Stamford and Norwalk Connecticut.

Irish Tap Dancing
by Darrah Carr

Darrah Carr – An artistic Director and Choreographer, Darrah holds an MFA from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Wesleyan University. Named one of the “Top 100 Irish Americans of the Year” by Irish America Magazine, Carr grew up in Ohio where she and her three sisters enrolled in the Tim O’Hare School of Irish Dance as a means of celebrating their Irish heritage. Now based in New York City, Carr has been active for over a decade in both the Irish and modern dance communities as a choreographer, dancer, educator, and writer.

by Nalini Rau and students

Nalini Rau is a teacher, choreographer and performer of Bharata Natyam. She established the Natya Anubhava Academy in Westchester County in 1993 and has trained over eighty dancers in the art. She has choreographed and staged innumerable individual pieces and eight dance ballets. She has performed as a dancer and as a nattuvunar in around three hundred shows, including the Chennai winter festival,the Lincoln Center, the City Hall, the Hindu Temple, museums and universities. She takes great joy in passing the knowledge of her teachers to a new generation of dancers. She addresses through poetry and dance contemporary issues such as the status of women, war, the possible transformation of bandits. She has a doctorate in Theoretical Linguistics.

Belly dancing
by International star
Egyptian Dancer Layla Taj

Drawing on her Egyptian heritage, Layla Taj is world renowned for her authenticity and mesmerizing performances throughout Europe, the Middle East and the U.S. Her resume reads ike an artists dream. She has performed for Bill Clinton, the Prince of Bahrain,the Crown Prince Moulay Rashid of Morocco, and Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia. Enrique Turbot of The United Nations put it simply; “Layla Taj presents belly dance at it’s best..Period” Layla Taj brings to life the rich culture and sensuality of Egypt and the true flavor of Arabia. She touches the heart and soul of her audience with every breath of her passionate feeling and seduces the imagination of every one who sees her with her classic exotic beauty, great skill and elegant style. Layla Taj has also produced an educational short film called “Layla Taj and Dances of Egypt”, which has aired throughout the New York area. It has received rave reviews from both dance enthusiasts and the educational community.

Irish Step dancing and Tap dancing by the talented Blue Spruce Cloggers.

We are a group of six clog dancers that perform with (and without) three Bluegrass musicians (fiddle,banjo, mandolin) at fairs, festivals and libraries primarily in Suffolk County, NY. We do Southern Appalachian Mt style clog dancing as well as Tap and Irish-Step, as the three are interrelated. This is our 28th year. Minimum show length is 20 minutes, while half hour shows are most popular. One hour shows are performed with the band. Music is Bluegrass, Old-time String band and

Belly dance
by Bellydance Revolution

Bellydance Revolution was created by instructor Kim Henry to study different styles, perform and spread the joy of dance. Our style is East Coast Tribal Fusion Bellydance, which is choreographed American Tribal Style Bellydance fused with other related dance styles including American Nightclub / Cabaret Bellydance, Indian Classical Dance / Bollywood, Flamenco and Hip Hop. We hope you enjoy our modern and playful take on bellydance! You can visit their website

Rev. Phil Passantino

is a warm, light-hearted Nondenominational officiant for your Wedding, Baptism, Funeral, Church Service or House Blessing… in NJ, NY, eastern PA and

African Dancing and Drums
by Ancestral Horizons

Modern Dance
by FR3EDIM ~ Harry Jefferson

FR3EDIM is a pneumonic for ‘free diversity in motion’ and also a play on the word ‘freedom’. It was a name derived from a group meeting after the realization that a new one was needed because the movie STEP UP came out with the same name. This change of name was more than a change in identity to differentiate oneself from that of a popular movie… it was a change of perspective, mission, and lifestyle. This group of students worked their way up in the industry, beginning with high school talent shows and birthday parties to performing for MTV concerts and dancing with some of the best dance companies and artists in the Tri-State area! This group has helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for charities such as “Esther’s Aid National Dance Benefit” and has made a huge difference in their communities through other philanthropic ventures. They strive to be different from any other conventional crew by emphasizing the sense of family and supporting one another spiritually, kinesthetically, and psychologically. The groups name reflects the apparent ethnic composition of our group. FR3EDIM’s members predominantly consist of individuals from almost every continent on the globe. The nameFR3EDIM represents and emphasizes our diversity, uniform motion, and freedom- because without freedom, there is no creativity. FR3EDIM plans to continue to change lives one step at a time and to dance for a cause greater than ourselves.
Latin Dancing by ALAS Dance Group
Ryan M Holder
WHCC welcomes a new member to the WHCC’s team.

African Drum Beats
by Infinite Roots

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