Education & Community

World Heritage Cultural Center has established a partnership with the Creative Arts Coalition of Brewster NY.

Currently Offering:

Bollywood Dance Classes
Acting Classes
Creative Writing Classes
Bellydance Classes

Want to Create Your Own Cultural Dance/Music/Arts Class? Come with 5 Friends to Start Yours Now.

Email us at to find out more or call 845.282.3479

Education and Community

A commitment to local and global community outreach and education continues to be a central component of our mission.


World Heritage Cultural Center strives to be the cultural institution rich in Cultural History, Knowledge and Heritage. Our Arts Program is rooted in tradition and committed to preserving Cultural Heritage & Knowledge.

Our Teachers are luminaries devoted to their diverse expertise which lends breadth and depth to our program offerings, providing unique opportunities for students, mentorship, and support. Our studies at World Heritage Cultural Center teaches the way of the Culture, to understand it, to respect and love it, and promotes the arts as agents of social change in the world.

When our first World Heritage Cultural Center is created, our year-round programs of Dance, Music, Acting, Writing, Foreign Languages and Film (just to name a few) in any Culture will be taught by experts in their fields.

Educating youth on their own culture and the cultures of others is extremely important to our mission here at the World Heritage Cultural Center. The WHCC partners with school districts in the US to produce cultural programs, festivals, and other events designed to showcase the arts to youth. If you are a teacher, school administrator, or parent interested in bringing about a partnership with us, please contact us at! We are happy to work with different ages, budgets, and programs.

For the past decade World Heritage Cultural Center (WHCC) has honored its mission with 185 multicultural concerts in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Atlanta, San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles.

WHCC works with over 570 plus cultural groups across the United States, multiple foreign embassies and tourism boards and is among leaders breaking down barriers through the Arts.

Throughout our journey, so far, WHCC has formed relationships with scholars and leaders in their fields in all different cultural Arts!

An Important part of our mission is to create a multicultural academia of excellence in the Arts through classes, workshops, courses of the Arts at our World Heritage Cultural Centers.



World Heritage Cultural Center has established a partnership with the Creative Arts Coalition of Brewster NY

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