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A Universal Cultural Experience – September 25, 2010 at the Symphony Space Theater

September 25, 2010 at the Symphony Space Theater
from 6:30PM to 9:30PM

Hosts of the 2010 World Of Colors Concert:

Carlos Gonzalez and Shetal Shah
Special Guest Hosts: Cindy Vero and David Mathison

Carlos Gonzalez

Although his name is common, there is nothing common about this Colombian-born, New York-bred actor and comedian. Carlos has indeed infiltrated the entertainment industry from all angles as a bi-lingual artist. From commercial prints to Santa Monica’s Film Festival’s Best Film Award winning musical, “Isabella Rico”. You may have also seen him on HBO’s “Sex & the City”, NBC’s “Law and Order” and ABC’s “NYPD Blue”. He was most recently featured in a principal role opposite Kate Del Castillo and Luis Antonio Ramos in the film “The Miracle of Spanish Harlem”.

Carlos also hit the New York City stand -up and improv comedy scene. He has quickly become a favorite, winning audiences over with his ability to skillfully blend his talents of acting, dancing and comedy into one big, hilarious and unforgettable stage performance.To add to his professional career, Carlos also earned his TV credits as a writer when he was brought on as a creative consultant and writer for MTV Networks. He has performed many times for a live studio audience on “Entertainment as a Second Language” on MTV Tr3s and was invited to come on as a guest panelist on “Certified” on Music Choice. He has also hosted such events as the International Salsa Festival in Cancun, Mexico.Currently, Carlos has developed a short comedy screenplay titled “When Bobby Met Larry”. The film consists of five different characters who were developed by Carlos himself. With the help of SPFX and celebrity make-up artist Meagan Hester these characters have visually come to life for the camera. Apart from writing the screenplay, Carlos starred in all five roles and also co-produced the film. It is indeed one of his most proudest, but most challenging accomplishments yet. Read more

Shetal Shah

spent many years behind the camera as a filmmaker before becoming a performer. A Maggie Flanigan Studios graduate, Shetal Shah is an actor, performance poet, filmmaker, educator and human rights activist. Shetal is the 2005 South Asian Media Awards Best Actress recipient for her role in Arya and is the host and co-producer of the hip TV show, INScene. As a proud member of the group, Poetic People Power, she has performed meaningful poems at the Bowery Poetry Club. As well, Shetal has been spotted at Lincoln Center, as an invited poet for their La Casita festival. Shetal’s favorite film and TV credits include Loins of Punjab Presents, Arya and Butterfly Screams (Lincoln Center), The Daily Show and VH1 Denmark. Favorite theatre credits include Raeda Wazzan, Truth Be Told (Ensemble Studio Theatre), Priya, Caitlin and the Swan (The Management), Barsha (credited as originating the role), Barsha Badal (Spork Festival) and Angelo, The Comedy of Errors (Capital Classics Theatre). As a human rights and sustainable development activist, Shetal was recently in Bolivia working with the government to organize their climate change conference and to contribute to the people’s document that is currently being used in UN negotiations.

Cindy Vero

Cindy Vero grew up in Northern New Jersey minutes away from New York City and holds a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Rowan University. Cindy got the radio ball rolling when she snagged an internship at WYNY (which is now KTU.) Cindy worked in promotions and was also a phone and board op. Cindy then branched off and started working weekends jocking at WTBQ-AM in Florida, NY and also freelanced at MTV News. From there she worked part time job at Shadow Traffic and WVNJ-FM in Teaneck, NJ all while still working weekends at WTBQ-AM. Cindy continued to learn as much as she could about the world of Radio and became an incredible multi-tasker along the way!
While at Shadow, Cindy also jocked on-air during the midday’s and handled production at WBRW-AM in Bridgewater, NJ. and later on at WBRW-AM in Flemington, NJ. After juggling a few jobs, Cindy moved on to Metro Traffic in New York where she honed her broadcasting skills. After Metro, Cindy went to Traffic.Com and serviced the Tri-State with traffic and news. At this time she also did fill-in, overnights and weekends at WDHA-FM. While Cindy was working at one of the stations she was covering in NYC she was approached to join a morning show on KTU and has been a staple at the station ever since!
Cindy also hosts a show Sunday mornings at 7 called “KTU Cares” where she has the honor of interviewing local celebrities and hometown heroes who are giving back to their communities! Cindy continues to be one of the busiest women in radio and has done countless appearances and charity events. In her spare time, Cindy does voice-over work, redecorates houses and rides motorcycles with her husband Tony. Cindy also loves to spend time with her rescue dogs Ernie and Melba. Follow Cindy on Twitter @Cindy_Vero or reach out to her on Facebook under Cindy Vero!

David Mathison

David Mathison is an internationally recognized media consultant, author, keynote speaker, talk show host, hi-tech entrepreneur, and event producer. His book, BE THE MEDIA, was featured in the NY Times after he sold over 5,000 copies in 11 days via his web site, Twitter, and Facebook. He has given keynote presentations everywhere from the United Nations to Columbia University, from Berlin to Cairo. He is host of an award-winning radio show whose guests have included author Seth Godin, singer Jill Sobule, craigslist’s Craig Newmark, and Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales. From 1994-1999, Mathison was Vice President with Reuters, the world’s largest news agency, where he pioneered online content syndication. As founder and CEO of the Kinecta Corporation (now part of Oracle), he raised $30 million in under 2 years.
Extended Bio: Mathison is founder and Executive Director of The HomeAThon Foundation, Ltd, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (pending) whose mission is to help prevent homelessness. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Media Freedom Foundation,, and Speakers Without Borders, an international non-profit created to support professional speakers who are committed to inspiring the human spirit in under-served communities though the power of the spoken word. Connect with David on Facebook and his website.

Special Thank You to the following individuals and groups that are making the World Of Colors Concert a great success:

Meagan Hester

Meagan is a freelance Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist. Working on film/TV,music videos, print, runway and designer look books. You may have seen her work with Music Choice, Comedy Central, VH1, MTV and even Showtime. She works regularly with clients such as Music Choice, Angel Sanchez, HesterHouse Productions, Digio blue and Mehron Cosmetics.
She started her career in an upscale salon in Wetschester where she learned color, cutting and style techniques. She then went to LA, California to train with amazing makeup artist from the Make up Designory where she learned SPFX Makeup, TV/Film Makeup and High fashion Makeup. From 2003 she has been growing as a true artist establishing her roots in NYC.She also enjoys working with great causes, she recently reached out to the American Cancer Society with the help of WHCC, where she hopes to be a part of their Look Good, Feel Better Program which brings women in active cancer treatment together for a make up, skin care and wig fitting educational session with a professional cosmetologist. She would be teaching the participants to apply their own make up. This would be the best accomplishment and most rewarding experience in her makeup career.Meagan’s goal is to work with the wonderful cast and artists from SNL and eventually work on Tim Burton films. In the mean time she loves working with all of the talented musicians, actresses, models and production companies. Take a peak at some of her work at and also her FX page at

2010 World Of Colors Performing Artists:


Piel Canela is a non profit organization that dedicates itself to the teaching, dancing, playing and appreciation of Latin Arts.
Established in 2000 Piel Canela is a non profit organization dedicated to sharing the world of Latin Dance, Music and Art. We offer affordable group and private classes structured within a friendly, fun and sympathetic atmosphere. Our instructors are devoted to teaching our dance. music and art and an appreciation of our Latin History and Culture.


Bollywood Funk NYC Dance Company is New York City ‘s only dance troupe specializing in an innovative fusion of jazz, hip-hop and funk with the urban flavor of India ’s vibrant Bollywood music and culture. Comprised of dancers from a wealth of dance backgrounds and cultures, the Company has been featured on TV Asia, CNN, the Fred Astaire Dance Awards, and beyond, and was the very first Bollywood fusion dance group in North America to be invited by MTV to audition for America ’s Best Dance Crew, twice. The Company was founded in 2008 by Artistic Director and Choreographer Ayesha, herself a life-long dancer and native of New Delhi , India . With over a decade of training in classical Indian Kathak dance, and modern styles such as jazz, hiphop and ballet, Ayesha has performed in over 100 professional productions across the globe, including Bollywood mega-hit songs such as “Dhoom Machale. Several of the Company dancers are also instructors at Bollywood Funk NYC Dance School , which offers beginner through professional-level classes at two locations in Manhattan . For more information, be sure to visit them at the WHCC booth or visit

Unified Dance Companywas founded in 2008 and is directed by Zenaida Aponte the Dance Studio is located in the Bronx. Unified is a Team of dedicated dancers who love music, and the art of performing they are versitile dancers, who are always up for a challenge. You can visit their website at

Russian Gypsy

Dancetruly represents the roots of the modern globalization. The first street dancers in history, the Gypsies for centuries blended their original Indian folkloric traditions with the cultures and styles of the countries they traveled through. Despite prejudice and social pressure they always produced highly entertaining art by mixing and matching the styles! Enjoy a uniqie blend of Indian, Persian and Russian dance styles in this fiery Russian Gypsy dance by Julia Kulakova.

Nadia Kay

The title of a singer’s first release is sometimes as personally revealing as it is an important career defining decision. So naturally, Nadia Kay chose “Music, Sex ‘n’ Marshmallows” as the name for her debut album released in March 2009 on Silver Curve Records. Since then Nadia has released a second studio album “RELOADED” while continuing writing new material and touring with the most recent performance at the LINCOLN PARK Festival – a popular 40,000 people music event in Newark, NJ.The daughter of a well – known Jazz composer, Nadia was immersed in the music business from day one. She recalls singing along with her father as a young child, both at home and in rehearsals with his band. She spent her playtime writing melodies on the piano her father gave to her, all the while dreaming of someday sharing the stage with him. Soon she began performing in school productions like “Oklahoma” and “Rent,” each experience further strengthening her resolve to pursue a career in entertainment. But first, she followed her parents’ advice and earned a marketing degree while attending a private business school in New York. After performing at open-mic nights around Manhattan with her Pop/Rock band, Nadia eventually met a music producer, Sky Silver, who would soon become her mentor and close friend. She continues writing all of her songs and is looking forward to releasing her third album.As the world is introduced to Nadia Kay’s edgy new sound and velvety voice, many will no doubt take note of the Ukrainian beauty’s ability to entertain. With the launch of her new music video “Captain Sky Love” she is excited to take her music career to the next level. Powerful and polished, her creative vision is a high-energy-pop-dance-story beautifully told with fierce beats, sexy lyrics and flawless choreography. Backed by an exotic female dance group ‘Sirens Whisper’ Nadia is currently touring the US while planning to expand her horizons and bring her act to Europe and Asia.


Recording Artist, DeKeiss directly from New York City and Puerto Rico. An internationally known Song Writer/Lyricist with no limits or boundaries, versatile among many and unique simply through style. His music continues to grow with each beat each lyric and each song!!!

Recklez Riddimmz

Youth is the medium that has kept our culture alive in todays everchanging. RecklezRiddimz has come a far way in preserving the teachings and customs of the west indian culture. Randy Ramdin, Romesh Peter, Andrew Bhola, Vedanand Peter, and Jonathan Narain will now present one of the Caribbean’s greatest treasures: drumming in the form of TASSA.


Acero is striking the Latin music industry on a world wide level!
Of Dominican decent, Acero’s urban, soulful, and romantic sensibility
has earned him a very diverse audience and a marketable appeal.
Acero has recently launched his career signing with Potent Productions Entertainment working in collaboration with producer Serafin El Revolucionario.
He just released his new single El Bombero, “an up beat international hit that you can’t help but dance to” and is in the process of recording a music video for his song, Fanatico #1. His timeless music and sound fuses Latin Pop, Musica Tropical, R&B, and new age Cumbia.
Acero’s inspirations come from artists such as Jerry Rivera, Marc Anthony
and Luis Fonsi.

NJ Youth Asian Dance & Drum Troupe

The Troupe was founded in 1998, by professional choreographer and dancer, Ms. Wei Yu (M.A. – Dance Theory / M.A. – Asian Studies). The Troupe, comprised of young talented Asian-American dancers, is actively involved in arts and cultural education in the greater NJ community by year round participation in cultural, charitable, and self-sponsored events. The Troupe provides audiences of school children, families and professionals with appropriately targeted programs and workshops that offer historical cultural context. Under the instruction of Wei Yu, in 2008 the Troupe was presented with an “Outstanding Artistry Award” and in 2009 was presented with Essex County’s “Outstanding Performing Arts Group” award.

Darrah Carr

Darrah Carr – An artistic Director and Choreographer, Darrah holds an MFA from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Wesleyan University. Named one of the “Top 100 Irish Americans of the Year” by Irish America Magazine, Carr grew up in Ohio where she and her three sisters enrolled in the Tim O’Hare School of Irish Dance as a means of celebrating their Irish heritage. Now based in New York City, Carr has been active for over a decade in both the Irish and modern dance communities as a choreographer, dancer, educator, and writer.


FR3EDIM is a pneumonic for ‘free diversity in motion’ and also a play on the word ‘freedom’. It was a name derived from a group meeting after the realization that a new one was needed because the movie STEP UP came out with the same name. This change of name was more than a change in identity to differentiate oneself from that of a popular movie… it was a change of perspective, mission, and lifestyle. This group of students worked their way up in the industry, beginning with high school talent shows and birthday parties to performing for MTV concerts and dancing with some of the best dance companies and artists in the Tri-State area! This group has helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for charities such as “Esther’s Aid National Dance Benefit” and has made a huge difference in their communities through other philanthropic ventures. They strive to be different from any other conventional crew by emphasizing the sense of family and supporting one another spiritually, kinesthetically, and psychologically. The groups name reflects the apparent ethnic composition of our group. FR3EDIM’s members predominantly consist of individuals from almost every continent on the globe. The nameFR3EDIM represents and emphasizes our diversity, uniform motion, and freedom- because without freedom, there is no creativity. FR3EDIM plans to continue to change lives one step at a time and to dance for a cause greater than ourselves.

Emily Angell

Stands out as one of the new breed of women singer-songwriters who also know their way around a recording studio as mix engineer, mastering engineer, and producer. She has written and produced over 65 songs for the acclaimed nonprofit organization Songs of Love, lifting the spirits of chronically ill and hospitalized children across the United States.
Her crystal clear Pop soprano has been compared with Colby Caillat and Taylor Swift, and is infused with a grit and soul that is uniquely hers. She has performed her acoustically-driven Pop-Rock in several New York City venues including the Delancey, Don Hill’s, Arlene’s Grocery, and the Knitting Factory. She has also played at various live-music venues in New Jersey and the Tri-Cities area in upstate New York.
In the film & TV world, Emily regularly sings for various ad campaigns. Her most recent credit is a jingle for Nickelodeon’s “Parents Pick” campaign. For film, Emily brought her engineering talents to the dialog and sound design of upcoming independent feature film: SubHysteria. A Cum Laude graduate of the Sonic Arts Center at The City College of New York, Emily stood out as one of two women in a highly selective group of 16 students. She graduated in 2008.
Emily hails from a family of musicians and engineers, and has made New York City her home, since she arrived at City College from Binghamton New York six years ago. She is currently working on her debut EP and booking shows extensively throughout the tri-state area.

Daraja Hakizimana

Born and raised in Houston Texas, Daraja Hakizimana (a bridge to salvation) of the Shrine of the Black Madonna is bringing the new hip hop to Poetry, Jazz, and R&B. Coming from Sterling Highschool, then Graduating from Lamar High School, and later persuing music at San Jacinto and HCC Colledge gives Daraja the rich and profond sounds that we hear in his music today along with lifes experiences. At the A-Bar in 98 was Daraja’s first debut with his group Kamakazae, a soulful duo group involving sweet love longs reflecting pain, work life, and love. Read more at (can you please link the “read more at” with the following address )

Famous artist Rodolfo Ledesma and creative writer/director Pamela
Paige have been collaborating concepts for over four years. This
creative duo will once again merge talents to help make the 2010
annual World of Colors Concert that much brighter.
This one of a kind showcase will blend edgy art on customized apparel
during a choreographed fashion show that will merge dance and music
together. We look forward to participating in such a wonderful cause. Our heart,
soul and sweat will be seen glistening on the stage during our
segment. Rolo Ledesma
Pamela Paige

Irish Step dancing and Tap dancing by the talented Blue Spruce Cloggers. We are a group of six clog dancers that perform with (and without) three Bluegrass musicians (fiddle,banjo, mandolin) at fairs, festivals and libraries primarily in Suffolk County, NY. We do Southern Appalachian Mt style clog dancing as well as Tap and Irish-Step, as the three are interrelated. This is our 28th year. Minimum show length is 20 minutes, while half hour shows are most popular. One hour shows are performed with the band. Music is Bluegrass, Old-time String band and Country.

Kulakova Dance Troupe.

Artistic Director, Choreographer and Dancer Julia Kulakova and Kulakova Dance Troupe – Megumi Miachi, Stephanie Sirabian, Kazuko Matsumura, Lisa Polk, Tanisha Asee and Martha Mancilla – promote the spirit of international, intercultural and gender understanding, respect and collaboration. The Kulakova Dance Troupe is a unique artistic vehicle for fulfillment of a feminine natural desire to create and express beauty. The contemporary flavored repertoire, based on traditional world rituals and the art of dance and drama, is created by Julia Kulakova, a dance and theatre professional, raised and schooled in Russia . She teaches her original New York Gypsy Dance classes at the 92nd Y and the Jewish Community Center of Manhattan, where her dancers obtain and polish their skills.
Ms. Kulakova ’s choreography and direction makes it possible for her dancers to achieve their personal bests and set up visual artistic examples of the accomplished and exciting lives of modern women in the globalized world. More info at

Lei Pasifika

Performs an exciting show featuring traditional and contemporary South Pacific songs and dances not only from Hawaii, but from other islands of the Polynesian triangle such as Cook Islands, Tahiti, New Zealand, Fiji, The Samoas and many more. The performers are native of the South Pacific, as well as a few who are interested in being apart of the culture. We are proud and honored to promote, share and bring knowledge of the prosperous exotic cultures from the Islands of Polynesia. Our polynesian shows are designed for both children and adults.

Polish American Folk Dance Company.

Founded in 1938, the Polish American Folk Dance Company is dedicated to preserving and promoting Polish culture through song and dance. The Company performs traditional Polish folk dance and sings traditional songs. All of their costumes (over 600 pieces) are hand sewn from Poland and are made with the same authentic material (such as wool) as they had been for centuries. The Polish American Folk Dance Company has traveled internationally and nationally. They have performed in Poland, Budapest, Montreal, Miami, Chicago, California and all over in New York including Lincoln Center and Symphony Space. Additionally, they have performed for Pope John Paul II, the first president of Poland, Lech Walesa, and many other dignitaries and political figures.

Kinding Sindaw Dance Co.

Once upon a time there was the Dunya Melayu Nusantara, an empire consisting of contemporary Malaysia, Indonesia, South Thailand, and The Philippines. Though this ancient civilization no longer exists, it’s rich cultural tradition of song, dance, storytelling, and martial art has been preserved through the work of Kinding Sindaw. Kinding Sindaw is an ancient Maranao term which means “Dance of Light.” This was founded in 1992 by Potri Ranka Manis, the Bai Labi a Gaus of Borocot , Maguing the 15th Pagawidan of the Pat Pangempong Ko Ranao. The Maranao or Meranao or People of the Lake are one of the 13 major ethnolinguistic tribe of Mindanao, Philippines. Kinding Sindaw exists to assert, preserve, reclaim, and re-create the traditions of dance, music, martial arts, storytelling, and orature of the indigenous peoples of the Philippines by:

Ivette Oliveras

Ivette is a passionate singer – actress – bellydancer. She has studied the belly dance art form with the late and well known dance artist Serena Wilson.  She is also certified Kripalu Yoga Dance teacher.  Ivette has atleast a decade of bellydance experience and is constantly exploring the dance art form.  She refreshes her technique with progressive dance workshops taught by established masters in the dance form.

Ivette has a strong background in the arts and has been teaching the bellydance art form for five years.  She has performed with the well-known Dr. Oz on national television (you can see her performance on Dr Oz’s website).

Ivette is a seasoned singer/dancer/actress living in the NYC area.  Her passion for all dance and voice art form is transparent.  In addition to voice study – she is currently writing original lyrics and music for her album project.

“Belly dance brings me to another place, a place where it is free to be a woman and to relish in all that is feminine. A certain sense of liberty and non judgement fills my soul when I bellydance.  Through the classic bellydance forms, I come to full circle and I am reminded that the world is a safe place to be in.  The dance forms helps to remind us all taht we are all brothers and sisters.  When we dance or when we sing – we all speak the same universal language.  That is the language of rhythm, the language of music and sound – what makes our feet dance, our hearts beat and our souls rejuvenate over and over again.”
Performing with Midnight Angel and Noora Eshams.

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