The WHCC is raising money to open our first cultural center in Brewster, NY.



Since 2005, the World Heritage Cultural Center has helped the cultures of the world come together and celebrate their ways of life. The WHCC currently works with 570+ cultural groups, and has held 185 multicultural concerts across the United States. We offer diverse programming in the arts and food, while making a positive impact through knowledge-sharing, community, and charitable work.

The time is right to establish a physical location for people to come together. Communities want culture, and cultural groups want a home to nurture and celebrate their heritage. There is a growing unmet need for real, in-person cultural connections in communities across the country. WHCC facilities can provide that home, starting with our proposed location in New York’s Lower Hudson Valley.

In order to expand its operations and create a go-to destination for cultural heritage, WHCC is Fundraising $5,000,000 in two phases for a thirty-year lease and renovations of a 20,000 square foot building. The final space would include an indoor Theater, Ballroom, World Library, Recording Studio, Cooking Studio, and Conference Rooms, Music, Dance, and Art Studios.

PHASE I 2018 through 2020:

Raise $2,000,000 to cover thirty-year lease, renovate 12,000 square foot for efficient space utilization to benefit from flexible spatial management, including sound-insulating partitioning systems and transparent elements. This space will be used for small studio classes, recording studio, world library among other uses and this space can also be opened up to host large events. This will allow an instant inflow of revenue.

PHASE II 2021 through 2023:

Raise $3,000,000 to add the second story, according to town approvals, to the 20,000 square foot space, which will house our Indoor Theater, World Library, an official Ballroom among other smaller studios.

Detailed Business Plan available for donors and sponsors. Naming Rights available! Email:

What will the new center do and how will it be used?

A Shared Facility

A Shared Facility

The WHCC will be a shared facility for many cultural groups to call home and host their community activities and events.

Educate, Share, and Celebrate

Educate, Share, and Celebrate

The WHCC will provide a platform for cultural groups to educate, share, and celebrate their culture with the broader community.



In addition to expanding its own World of Colors events, the WHCC facilities will be available to rent for hosting public, private and community events with full catering capabilities and access to multicultural entertainment.



The WHCC will offer classes in world cultural:


  • Music
  • Dance
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Culinary Arts

Speaker Series

Speaker Series

The WHCC will offer a world cultural educational speaker series to the community and will become the 'go to' place within the community for cultural arts.

State of the Art Facilities

State of the Art Facilities

In order to expand its operations and create a go-to destination for cultural heritage, WHCC is fundraising $5 million for a 30-year lease and renovations of a 12,000 square foot building. This space would include an indoor theater, ballroom, World Library, recording studio, cooking studio, and music, dance, and art studios.


This location will be a pilot to model success for expanding into communities across the country.

Belly dancer

We are very honored to say that we have had several meetings with the Mayor’s Office and Economic Development’s office, who embraces the ideals of World Heritage Cultural Center and our ability to make Brewster a Destination!

Why Brewster?

  • In the heart of the tri-state (NY, NJ, CT)
  • Proximity to NYC; 1.3 hour direct train from Grand Central Station to Brewster Station (Metro North)
  • Taps into Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess County NY and Fairfield County CT
  • Danbury has many diverse communities speaking over 50 languages
  • Public transportation through HART and PART

How You Can Help

  • Donate to the WHCC
  • Volunteer

  • Be a Cultural Ambassador

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